This website is intended as an organic website, with the purpose of presenting the idea of a multicultural and educational project in Berlin.

The project is planned to be located on a land area of 250-400,000 m2 in or outside Berlin in a green, beautiful environmental garden, such as the "Garten der Welt" in Berlin.

The garden will present approx. 50 different religions and about 20 prehistoric religions based on architectural buildings that match the different religions. See layout

The purpose of this website is to clarify whether support from the various representatives of religions in Berlin can be obtained.

The secondary goal is - if we have support from the religions - to receive support from the NGOs represented in Berlin, which is a secondary project page in the "Garden of Religions"

In a world of increasing conflicts between the many religions around the world and the fact that some of them create terrible conflicts, terror and war, I hope that you - the reader - will support the following project. 

We want to emphasize that we do not ask for funding, only support

Project Description:

Next to the "Garden of Religions" we will explain the history of each religion, past as well as contemporary religions. The respective religions will also host the building with restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shop, service, etc. That Garden of Religions only informs and educates about the present and past religions, but not preach the different religions. 

The secondary part of the project includes a show and presentation space for the various NGO organizations who would be interested in informing and promoting themselves and the work they do, both domestic and international.

We like to use synergies from all visitors and lead them into a "maze of information" and visualize posters, images, text, etc.

This in order for NGOs to market their ideas for the purpose of gaining awareness and financial support for NGOs and their work.

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